Thursday, February 16, 2012

::local love::Shady Lawn Florist::

A while back, I started thinking.... 

...If "all of us" who have small online shops would begin to concentrate more on marketing locally rather than on the .same. .exact. .blogs. .over. .and. .over. .again. we'd probably feel less claustrophobic about our products and other people "copying" us. 

I have never felt that anyone has copied me simply because there's not much to copy.  I have a very small shop and I try to keep it simple.  But it's so exhausting trying to make sure your products are 100% original -- which is basically impossible -- because sometimes, we have the same ideas. [surprise!]

Anyways.  All that to say, that I wanted to start a new feature on Cotton+Wood spotlighting some of the local businesses in my town.  In the long run, I hope it pays off as a networking feature.  I'd love for my products to end up in local shops and this is just the beginning of that dream.

My first spotlight is the lovely flower shop, Shady Lawn Florist!

I have known the owners, Jim and Judy, since 2003.  They are the sweetest, kindest people you'll ever meet in town and I mean that truly!

 About this time of the year, I am drooling over the beautiful plants in their greenhouse.  What a balm to the winter weary soul!

It is a family owned business and the history is amazing!  This shop is a Chesterton treasure.

 Right now, a bunch of happy tulips are $9.99.

When kids stop in the shop, they can grab a piece of licorice and the bottle of fish food and head over to feed the resident fish population.

If you're ever in the area, stop by 726 South Calumet and pay them a visit!


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Jennifer Blair said...

What a beautiful place! :)