Tuesday, February 7, 2012

::coffee chat::

Well, good morning, everyone!

This week is going to be great!  If I were to sit down and have a chat with you over coffee, I would tell you....

....that I am slowly getting caught up on my 90 days challenge [reading the Bible through in 90 days]
....the weather is cold -- not winter-like with snow but definitely not spring-like....I'm ready for spring!
....that my parents are re-modeling the office.  So therefore, our den is a hot mess.  But it super exciting to get [officially] organized in that room.
....I would ask you what you are doing about the fact that Google Friend is coming to end soon.  Are you transferring your subscriptions over to another reader?
....I would tell you that I am super disappointed that Picnik is closing.  Seriously, I just want to round the corners of my pictures!  I'm easy to please.  :)
....I would also tell you that my friends in Washington state opened up a shop!  And they are on such a roll with their shop that they've already gotten a local shop to carry their products!  Woohoo!  Check them out here >>> Far Above Rubies
....I would tell you that real life friends are amazing.  And blog buddies are just as sweet.

Have a happy Tuesday, everyone!!



Maggie said...

I didn't even know about google friend ending, bummer!!

Thanks so much for the shoutout!!

Kali said...


Jolene said...

Aren't coffee chats the best?!

I'm disappointed about Picnik too. It has been fun while it has lasted, but in this techy world, I'm sure something new and more exciting will come out soon, too. Just waiting and wondering what it will be... (and hoping it won't cost! LOL!)

tiff said...

i am sad that picnik is closing... i mean srsly? ;) oh well. life moves on!
great chatting on FB the other week. praying for you!