Monday, December 5, 2011

::zoo lights::

Friday night, a group of us went to Lincoln Park Zoo to see the lights. I've heard that the zoo puts on a beautiful showing of lights but I've never seen it.  That changed on Friday night.  :)

It was great fun and the lights were spectacular.

We got there a bit later than we planned so I think we were just a bit rushed.  However, we did walk the entire zoo and saw a few animals in the process.

This big guy got lots of attention.  A few minutes before I snapped this picture, he had his head on his paw.  It was.....cute.

I got some practice snapping lights at night photos. 

We ate at Five Guys -- a first for most of us.

There were altogether toooooo  many laughs.

It's a blessing to be with other fun, godly young people!

How was your weekend?



Maggie said...

Looks like fun! I bet that was cool walking around the zoo at night, with all the lights!

Kali said...

wow...that would be so neat!