Wednesday, December 28, 2011

::creeping slowly by::

This week has been slowly creeping by -- which is a very good thing.

There has been much happiness occuring this week.

First of all, I got to see those lovely ladies [my cousins] + Oma and Opa + Aunt Sue + my other cousin, John Ruben.

Second of all, I got my white watch.  I haven't ever had a "nice" watch and I used some Christmas money to get one.  Bliss.

Thirdly, Lawry's for dinner on Tuesday night with the fam.  No pics to prove it, either.

Fourthly, let's all say it together -- organization galore.

This girl has been supa-busy organizing.  I finally put away all, all, all of my teaching stuff, housewares and kitchen items that have been accumulated, and books, books, books.  Everything is stored nicely in bins and put in storage.

[dusts off hands with a satisfied look]

Also...I found this pin....while decluttering....

I was so very, very proud of that pin when I was a little girl.  My brothers were wrestlers and I loved going to their meets on Saturdays.

Now, the pin has found a safe and happy home on the pin board in my room.  Hopefully, I never misplace it again.

And lastly, I get to babysit Friday night.  I haven't seen the kiddos for a week now.  I can't wait to see all their Christmas presents.

2012, bring it.  I'm ready.  This is going to be a fantastic year.  I just know it and have been praying towards that end.



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