Saturday, December 17, 2011

::Saturday sweetness::

This year, I have been wanting to use craft paper to wrap my gifts.  Simple + pretty.

I saw somewhere on the webs a picture of craft paper wrapped gifts and tied with yarn.  I got to wrapping yesterday and am quite pleased with the results.  I don't think the chevron gift tag in the photo above quite matches.....:)

How is your Christmas shopping coming along?  I am half-way done and of the gifts I have left, I know exactly what I want to buy.  I think I may head out this afternoon and get everything finished!

I also wanted to pass along a discount code if you are a reader of Beneath My Heart.  [hint, hint]  Traci is such a sweetheart.  [That's why I advertise with her.]

Also, Danielle did a product review for me and you can read about it here.  I love my garlands.  Several weeks ago, I visited a local antiques store and came out with some treasures of books.  I can't wait to dig into them and make something beautiful.  I'm just a bit hesitant that I don't mess up a very good thing.

Lastly, I have some blog buds that are coming to visit in a few weeks.  Excited + nervous + happy + excited.  :)


Oh....and woah, peeps. >>> Check out the follower button over there on the sidebar!! >>>Welcome, all you new readers. :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I like that you used multiple colors of yarn!

Kali said...

I really like the simplicity of the packages!

Hey! My sister and I are going to go visit a blog friend in a couple of weeks...what a funny coincidence. ;)

Cove Girl said...

:) Luv it "Brown paper packages tied up with string..." Now I dare you nt to sing the rest! I'm done with my Christmas shopping & sent them off to my family last week. Tuesday I have friends coming over to exchange gifts :)

Katherine said...

This is gorgeous! I love it and think the chevron matches perfectly :)

Doll Doll Dolly said...

I use parcel paper every year to wrap my gifts. I sometimes poly-block or block print the paper to give it more of a Christmasy feel, but this year I used brown string and I popped on a hand printed tag in a holly shape to add a little Christmas touch. I love how traditional it looks and every year people love it! It's nice to know I am not the only one using basic brown paper and making it look pretty.