Tuesday, November 29, 2011

::over coffee::

Good morning!  I've been up since 'o dark thirty.  First things first, I brewed a pot of Community Coffee and added a touch [well, really a gulp] of Peppermint Mocha creamer to my cup.  Christmas in a cup.  Seriously.

Since we're chatting over coffee, the very first thing I would show you is THIS Christmas card.  Hilarious.  I was/am considering buying it and sending to friends.  We.  Will.  See.

I get a big chuckle every time I read it!!

We might get snow tonight.  If we do and if it sticks and if my brother actually get to plow, I will consider it the first "big" snow.  :)

I am in the most tremendous Christmas mood.  And I must wonder why the Christmas season is so short.  Today, invitations to a cookie exchange are going in the mail.  I am super ----> duper -----> pumped to have a small get together.  Besides all the fun Christmas activities at church and the decorations at home, one of the best things about the season in general is the excitement of the kids that I babysit/nanny.  Seriously, their joy + excitement is contagious.  Thursday is a big day.  It's the day they get to open their Advent calendars and Jingle comes to visit.  Plus, there's the Christmas party at the country club + St. Nick's day + birthday parties + so much more sprinkled over the next few weeks....I got the low-down on the way home from school yesterday.  Their excitement is catching and very, very darling.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah. For me Christmas means snow, and since I live in California now I never feel the "Christmas mood" until I go out and see all the decorations..., and still... it's not the same as with snow.lol
In Poland we decrate our Christams Three and houses a week or a few days before Christmas Eve and we take it all down in the first week of February - that's one more difference I need to deal with now... :)
It's not that bad, though. Christmas is Christmas :)
Have a wonderful day.
So jealous about that coffee of yours!

alita jewel said...

My- what a cute blog you have over here.

And I agree. We're supposed to get 6 inches of snow... IF we get it... I'll laugh when we don't though.

Christmas is the bomb. Snow is not. lol...

It was nice havin coffee with you. Next week? same time?


Maggie said...

Coffee sounds SO yummy right now!!

Plus, that card is funny!!! Love it!

I am so jealous ya'll are getting snow! Ours has melted already and we are not suppose to get any for a little while :( Im hoping for a white Christmas!

Talk to ya tonight!!!!

{Amy} said...

oh, i am sooo not ready fro snow, not even a little bit. BUT if i does snow i would just be happy if the sun came, these dreary days are depressing!n : ( i am trying to get in the holiday mood...trying, trying...maybe decorating this week will help me. thanks for coffee!!

Cassie said...

I am stopping by from miss Amy's blog! That Christmas card cracked me up! Mmmmm peppermint mocha is my favorite creamer!

Thanks for Coffee!

Iowa Sunshine said...

enjoy the Christmas season ... take it moment to moment and drink it all in!!!! Have fun at your get together, too. Take care and enjoy your week!

Claire said...

how i wish our two were still excited by xmas *sigh* at 14 and 16 it's just a time to get stuff... hoping your excitement can rub off over the ether :)

I'm Veronica said...

I love that card, go for it. Love your blog also.

Michelle Hoover said...

Love this post :)