Sunday, November 6, 2011

::inspiration::work hard::

I get to spend Thanksgiving with these lovelies in Florida.  Hel-lo, sunshine.

The five people in this picture inspire me to work hard.  Three successful businessmen.  Two successful Moms + cancer survivors [with the Lord's help + mercy].

I love 'em.

I've been thinking a lot this weekend about my shop.  Where I want to go + how much I want to invest + and the ever-loving branding question.  I think I may be the slowest blogger out there with branding.  It's debatable.

I am super excited to be included in Kim's Handmade Holidays Gift Guide.  Details forth-coming.

Remember I said I in this post that I planned to make a new wristlet design.  Riii-ight.  Well.  I forgot to order zippers.  And when I finally got around to it, the supplier I typically buy from was out.  So, the new wristlet is coming.  I'm sure you've been waiting with bated breath for it to come out [choke, cough, haha].

This week promises to be super-da-duper busy.  It's gonna be great.

Happy Monday.

ps...this picture was taken in St. Petersburg, Russia.


tiff said...

awww--- beautiful people...

OMG i got all excited that you found wendys look book too. i JUST found that like two weeks ago and fell madly in. love. i didnt read how it came to be tho... hmmm--- going to check that out pronto. i love how she is always laughing and leaves in all the awesome bloopers during her tutorials. its so real.

ahhh--- love you sweet girl. have a great week.

Jennifer said...

Hehe! I grew up in Florida, so I loved it when we went north for Thanksgiving! :)