Saturday, October 4, 2014

|| Saturday morning brunch ||

So Leon has gone to Southern Province and that leaves me here with this little lump of sugar.  I've taken a pass on naps for the entire week (waking during the night is now normal and doesn't always require daytime rest apparently).  Well, sleep was demanded this morning.  So after feeding her at 4:30, finish packing Leon's suitcase and food stuffs for the weekend, opening my shop (I'll have to show you that in another post), it was time to get a few extra winks.  Yay for sleeping until 10 in the morning. This clearly requires a snazzy breakfast in celebration.

I'm not a big breakfast person but often awake ravenous these days.  So I asked our amazing cook to make an omellette with leftovers from last nights steak kebabs.  Beef fillet.  Mushrooms.  Tomatoes.  Extra Cheese.  Delicious.

Oh.  We have a maid.  Did you know that you do, too?  Your maid's name is McDonalds and she regularly serves you from the $1 menu and sausage biscuit as you're running to work.  Or maybe your maid is Dunkin' Donuts with a small hazelnut coffee and toasted bagel with cream cheese on the side. Your maid at lunch is Chipotle where she serves you tacos....chicken, please, with guac, cilantro, and sour cream.  Oh. That's right.  You have the faithful maid, McDonalds.  $1 menu, coming up. Hmmm...!  As extravagant as it sounds that we have maids, it's really not extravagant at all.  It provides necessary employement for industrious women here who feed their families.  

So I sit here cross-legged on the floor with my little sugar this morning, looking across the fields, thanking The Lord for ALL His goodness.  Blessings innumerable if I'll only look around me.

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