Thursday, October 9, 2014

|| moving forward ||

Life is pretty grand, folks!!

I sleep almost eight hours at night and the world couldn't look rosier in the morning. I give the best smiles and laughs because well....when the sun's shining and a person feels loved and their belly is full, that's the thing to do. 

Silly momma gets a little stressed when I scream a lot but hey! That's what little stinkers like me do to keep everyone on their toes. Anyways, I sometimes have bubbles in my belly and those hurt. I wanna make sure my Momma knows loud and clear when I'm uncomfortable. 

It's gettin' hot here and word on the street is that I'll get to go swimming in a real pool this weekend. But for now, Momma and I are going to get the wages for the workers done in the office so we can have a fun Friday. 

Hope you have a fun Friday, too.


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content2be said...

She is an absolute doll. I just wanna squeeze her!! Every time I pick mine up, I am simultaneously amazed at how big she is getting, that she is mine, and that she is so adorable. I'm sure you can relate. ;)