Tuesday, September 30, 2014

|| October Goals ||


/\ enjoy time with Mom
/\ strawberry jam
/\ strawberry pieS
/\ homemade bread
/\ baby room finished, set up, and organized
/\ house re-arranged and re-organized after new rooms are finished
/\ chicken coop painted
/\ farm books finished for fiscal year

So, the entire family is going on holiday at some point between now and October 31st.  One left yesterday, three leave today.....and the farm is quiet.  That means: no school for me and lots of free time.  My Mom comes in two weeks so I have a few weeks to get ready for her arrival and then enjoy lots of time with her.  

The baby room and office are nearing completion (slow + steady wins the race).  Right now, we are sleeping in the spare room (right around the corner from our house) and living in our lounge (meaning, our kitchen and lounge are functional, our bedroom is not).   But WHEN those two additional rooms are finished, HALLELLUJAH AND AMEN, we will have room to spread out.  One ENTIRE room for Liesl and her baby things. One ENTIRE room for Leon and his books and desk.  (angels are queuing up to begin singing now)  That also means that our lounge will become more of a sitting room/kitchen area.  I will be able to unpack more of my kitchen things that have remained in barrels since I was married.  I'm getting excited just typing this out.  

I want to set goals for this coming month.  If I don't take advantage of this extra free time, the month will slip by and things will remain unfinished.  When my nieces get back from holiday, we have to finish a few more weeks of school.  So now is the time for me to get busy.

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Jessica said...

I love how you use the term "holiday". In the states, it's VACATION!!! ...for which I need. :)