Thursday, June 16, 2011

::simple pleasures of summer::

What is the magic of summer? There's something about a little slower pace of life, breezy evenings filled with laughter, and cool, peaceful mornings.

Here are a few things that make summer memorable for me:

--chats with friends outside
--strawberries and milk
--late night runs to McDonald's [cringe...but, yes, we do it!]
--fresh picked flowers from the garden
--farmers markets
--road trips
--open windows + fresh air

I plan to enjoy it this year! 

What makes summer memorable for you?

Happy Thursday.


katie said...

beach days, camping, and letting the kids stay up a bit later than usual.

Arlene said...

Culver's vanilla frozen custard (with hot fudge).
The scent of a fresh rain.
Light and creamy cheesecakes.

(LOL, almost all of mine are about food! No wonder I need to do the Shred these days! :P)