Thursday, June 2, 2011

::Inspiration Workshop Week 1::

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

Well, Mrs. Gussy has cooked up something new through her amazing shop. It is called Inspiration Workshop. I thought this would be such a perfect party to join in on.

The prompt for this week is HANDMADE. It's a very broad topic so it is easy for the first week!

This beautiful pillow is one of my favorite things in my bedroom that is handmade.  [To clarify, no this pic wasn't taken in my bedroom due to the angle of the sun this morning.  :)]  This pillow could qualify as vintage.  It was made by one of my Mom's aunts many years ago.  It is crewel work all done by hand.  It's so intricate.  I can truthfully say that this pillow is one of the first things that got me excited about working with my hands and making things HANDMADE.  This pillow recalls to memory moments of a simpler life in a much slower generation, a better generation.  One that took pride in making beautiful touches for their homes.  There is no way a beautiful pillow like this could be mass produced.  Sometimes, I pick up the pillow and just stare at the beautiful stitches.

Here are a few close-ups of some of the stitches.  Now if some of the stitches look a bit fuzzy or worn, remember this pillow is at least 40 years old!

I'm so thankful for this reminder that HANDMADE is special!  It is one of a kind.

Thanks, Gussy, for hosting the Inspiration Workshop!



elizabeth said...

this pillow is truly a work of handmade art! it is beautiful :) thanks for the comment love and sending some back.. xoxo

Jami said...

oooo that's beautiful! love all those close up shots of the stitching ;)

Leah said...

Stopping by from Gussy Sews! Beautiful pillow. I love it!

Liv @ Choosing Beauty said...

really pretty - and your photography is beautiful. love how you've really captured the details!

Ingrid @ said...

so beautiful rebecca! i was hoping you were going to saw the pillow was in your shop - because i would swoop that little friend right up!

speaking of pillows - that new one you just posted is so beautiful.

hope you're doing good friend