Saturday, June 11, 2011

::Happy Weekend::

Hi, there everyone!  I know we are happily plugging through our weekend and it is sadly half over!  Today has been an amazing, busy day.

First thing this morning, I popped over to the European Market in my town and picked up these lovelies.  What a start to the day!  I also sat down for a homemade donut and cup of coconut flavored coffee in a budding coffee shop.  I just love small-town living.  And I did feel a bit "European" waltzing through town with my bouquet of flowers.  It's almost been exactly one year since our family vacay overseas and I am missing Europe!!

This afternoon, I trekked to Chicago for my fourth sewing class.

I was only one of two students in the class and it was very nice for the class to be so small.  I didn't have to share an ironing board! [ha!]  This little wristlet has definitely been the most challenging of the classes I have taken so far.  I need to make another one [stat!] before I forget the tricks and tips I learned in class.

It has a nice strap for carrying.

And I love that floral lining.  Look at those pockets! Fancy-shmancy.  I had originally picked out a different fabric to use for this wristlet.

But I made this bag ------- ^ this week and fully intended to put it into the shop.  However, I made a minor error in constructing and don't feel fully confident in selling it.  So I will enjoy it for however long it lasts.  Now I have a matching set perfect for summer!

Speaking of summer, the weather man is telling us it will be warm tomorrow.  I think that is one of the reasons I am so tired right now.  I am freeeeeeeeeeezing cold!

One last look at that lining.  Looooooooove it!!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


content2be said...

Wow....I really, really super-duper love that lining fabric. So lovely. Always enjoy your newsy posts-just like a breezy little chat! :)

Kali said...

LOVE the wristlet! Great fabric too!

Anonymous said...

Super lovely!!!! Enjoy worshipping the Lord today!

Ingrid @ said...

really pretty the lining! and those blooms are just glorious

Rosa @ Capture the Little Things said...

Oh! Very nice! I love the colors!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the fabric is TOO cute! Love it!

Arlene said...

It looks lovely, Rebecca! Someday, I'd love to get a sewing machine and take some lessons, too. Hope you learn lots of great tips that will help you in years to come. :o)