Thursday, March 29, 2012

::spring break::

Last week was absolutely magnaminous. The weather was beautiful beyond belief.  Last Wednesday, the kids I nanny went on spring break leaving me free as a bird for a week. 

Before I picked up the kids from their last day of school, I decided to stay in town and eat at a little hot dog stand.

I got their advertised "coney dog."  I wanted to compare it to the coney dogs that I've eaten since I was a kid.

It was pleasant enough.  But see that sauce on the dog?  A glob made its way to my favorite skirt and this picture is the last time you'll ever see that skirt.  Ugh. 

And it was also warm enough to plant pansies in our front pots. 

This has been the most delightful spring.

My spring break ends today.  It was pleasant enough while it lasted.

Spring break for you?  What's the best thing you've done with this beautiful weather?



Bethany said...

my husband is a teacher. Spring Break is the best!

Rosa B. said...

I love spring!! It's especially refreshing in the Midwest after a long, dead winter! :) Great photos! (you might try using Dawn dish soap on your stain - it looks like a really cute skirt!)

Lauren Nicole said...

Is that a Dogwood tree? It's so pretty! My Spring Break was so relaxing, and I cannot wait for summer!