Thursday, March 15, 2012

::beautiful day::

The weather has been so blessedly beautiful, I barely know what to do with myself.  That is one of the loveliest things about living in the Midwest.  I do believe we appreciate spring + summer so much after a cold, dark winter.

Anyways.  I woke up an absolute grump this morning, despite the fact that I fell dead asleep at 7:30pm last night.  My parents remodeled their office and I helped my Mom downsize and put everything left over back in the room.  It's been quite the task.

As I was working this morning, I was grumbling in my heart about this, that, and the other thing and I thought, "Well, if you can't find joy in this situation, you're for sure not going to find joy in the situation that you deem "perfect"Because, guess what, no situation is perfect."  Within moments, God turned my heart to joy.

So, with a new heart attitude, I'm determined to make the most of today.

New products coming sooooooooon to the shop.  pinky promise.



Alyssa H. said...

Wow. That sounds EXACTLY like my day! This morning was so stormy but the crazy wind blew away the clouds and now it's gorgeous. Tired me was so grumpy but God has a way of smiting our hearts, which I'm very grateful for. Can't wait to see the new products!

Maggie said...

I am so jealous of the beautiful weather you are having, Becca! The past few days it has literally been sun-shiney one day and the next snowing! CrAzY!

Great thought about being happy in every situation. You are so right, it will never be "perfect". Thankful that the Lord can turn our grumpy attitudes into ones of joy!!

Beth Ann said...

I told my husband this morning "I think I love the midwest so much because the feeling of Spring after Winter is just so exciting!" Great minds...