Monday, March 5, 2012

::endless gifts 646-665::

Today is positively sparkling.  There is [was] a beautiful covering of snow this morning along with brilliant sunshine and blue, blue skies -- my favorite kind of winter, Midwestern day.

What a perfect day for remembering His blessings from this past week.

[...And ps...literally as I type this, there's a happy song playing called This Is the Day [which the Lord hath made, we will rejoice, be glad....]...a version of the song I've never heard.]

646.  spending time with my friend, Carol
647.  conviction from the Holy Spirit
648.  extra hours at work
649.  safety
650.  the hope of spring
651.  a forgotten check received in the mail
652.  better health for Opa
653.  a mini vacay for Mom and Dad in FL with Oma and Opa
654.  blue, blue skies
655.  a yellow kilanchoe
656.  health
657.  cello practice
658.  a call from my friend, Amy
659.  the ability to exercise
660.  the Holy Spirit using one of the Master's Club lessons to stick in the heart of one of my students
661.  fruit in the life of new Christians
662.  a happy, happy Sunday morning
663.  A sprinting towards me to give me a hug and telling me she won the quiet seat prize in Sunday school
664.  sunshine streaming
665.  fluffy white sheets


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Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

That is a gorgeous photo. I love all the sparkles! :) A forgotten check... that is a wonderful gift! Oh, fluffy white sheets. Love that!