Thursday, June 2, 2016

|| week day walks ||

Another peek into my daily life...different than the norm in the States...but here it goes.  :)

Liesl decided to ditch her morning nap sometime in late February.  I was really nursing that morning nap because I needed her to have some down time so I could be free to concentrate on homeschooling.  I was a littttttlllllle devastated when I realized the morning nap was finished.

Then, we went through an adjustment time of what to do with a very active (and sometime loud) toddler while the girls were doing school.  I really wanted to pull my hair out for a few weeks.  

Then Leon suggested using my maid to help me watch Liesl.  Most moms here use a maid in some capacity for baby sitting their kids.  After Liesl was born, it took me a long time to get it into my brain that I had an extra set of hands.  But also, we are absolutely resistant to having a maid exclusively for our child.  

I love (big, puffy, red heart) my maid, Zondi.  Her husband works for Leon.  Her little girl is six months older than Liesl.  She is quiet and super helpful.

Monday to Friday after breakfast, she takes Liesl in the pram for a walk.  She stays on our farm road between the dairy and main house so I can sort of spot them from my house. Liesl loooooooves her morning walk.  Sometimes, she even says, "Bye, Mama!" and climbs into her pram.  

It has worked out gloriously.  Now I have a bit of uninterrupted time to devote to the homeschool.  I can get a shower quickly.  It is really a mom's dream to have 45 minutes to an hour each day of "free time" to devote to another activity.

I can see this post will lead to other posts about having a maid to help and also challenges and benefits of raising kids here.  Stay tuned!!

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