Tuesday, June 28, 2016

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Before Leon and I were married, he insisted that I prepare myself for life here by developing a few skills or hobbies designed to keep me busy and make a little spare pocket change.  Within just a few weeks of arriving here as a newlywed, we realized that "hobby" was homeschooling his two nieces.  But still, Leon knew it was important for me to have another way to make a little extra cash.

Hence, I opened a shop.  I'm sure it looks VERY (very, very) basic to you all, my first world readers and, it is!  But this little shop has really been a delight to run.  In this picture, it is half empty and even as I type this, it is even emptier.  My stock is waiting on transport that will arrive tomorrow.

Twice a week on Tuesday and Saturday mornings, I open up for our workers.  They can buy things they need here on credit.  The total is then deducted from their wages at the end of each month.  

The people here live quite simply and are exceptionally frugal so a little goes quite a way.  For instance, they will buy a bottle of lotion with a small bottle of liquid glycerin.  The glycerin helps stretch the life of the lotion (don't ask me how it works, I just do what I'm told! ha!).  Rice, sugar, salt, cooking oil, canned fish, and sometimes mealie meal is for sale.  Candles and matches, washing powder and washing bars, batteries, bathing soap, lotion, vaseline, toothbrushes, and toothpaste are all part of my regular stock.  

Having a little extra source of income is great as a farmer's wife.  Also, this fulfils the "nerdy number" side of me that I find a weird sort of pleasure in.  I love keeping stock, figuring out totals and profits, etc...  Yes! I am nerdy number person.  :)

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Julianna Warner said...

Looks like what we called a "tuc" shop in South Africa. Amazing how little we really can live on when life so dictates.