Wednesday, May 4, 2016

|| three years ||

Ahhh, yes.  The obligatory "Anniversary Post".  :)  

How in the world has it been three years since I've married this man?  One year seemed right.  Two years seemed....yep....still plausible.  Three years.  I just can't believe it.  And some of my friends have been married 10 (or more) years.  They're rolling their eyes at the infancy of our marriage.  Ha!

I told Leon we don't have to DO anything for our anniversary.  (Anyways...what is there to DO in this town but go to Pizza Hut!)  But please, don't invite anyone over for dinner.  Let's just BE together.  Great!  And that man went and organized the cutest little anniversary dinner outside in the garden.

I have been dying to do a dinner in this specific spot.  His sister and nieces helped him.  It was soooo lovely and magical (a littttttttle bit of a dramatic description but still...).  

Menus -- starters -- candlelight -- baby monitor (lol!)

Leon and I look back on the past three years as an absolute miracle of a loving God that has orchestrated our marriage.  

Here are our pre-marriage stats:  
-we talked once a week, maybe an hour
-a bit of texting each day
-seeing each other 10 weeks total before marriage
-and our marriage counseling session consisted basically of "Yep, it will be very hard because you two are so different.  Good bye and good luck."  Pretty much.  So yah-----suuuuuuper helpful.

I moved to the other side of the world with him and had no idea what it was like to live in another culture.  I had traveled but still came back to the good 'ole USA and it's customs and thinking.  Running the farm has been a struggle for various reasons since we set foot here after our honeymoon.

Nothing has been easy about our life.  And I mean, absolutely NOTHING.  But God has taken two different people, similar, but different, and helped them to learn what it means to truly love and sacrifice for one another.  

This man is the best dad.  Even last night, he was the one walking the house with our little sicky baby, insisted I get out of bed at 2 am and bathe her to reduce the fever, is the one who brings her her milk bottle in the middle of the night, plays and prays with her, takes her with him on errands every chance he gets, works endlessly and tirelessly, and has helped me become a better me.

I'm so grateful for the struggles we've been through....the spiritual struggles as well as the physical struggles of running the farm.  One day when the light breaks through and our milk production is higher than it is now, we will look back on these tough days as an absolute blessing.  They have shaped us and molded us into better people.  Struggle has only made us better.

And there's not one other single person in this whole wide world that I'd chose to walk down that road with other than my husband.  He is amazing and I love him very, very much.

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Jennifer Hunt said...

Aw... Happy anniversary Becca!! Loved this post.