Thursday, April 14, 2016

|| adjusting ||

^^ Sunday afternoon, 2013

There was a time when I used to think, "I'll just never, ever get it."  Living here was so new. Everything was so different.  It wasn't that I missed home.  But I felt as if I went from being a capable person to being a very incapable person in a matter of a few plane rides over an ocean and a continent.  And I thought the feeling would never end.

I remember my sister-in-law giving me the shopping list for the restaurant.  I would say, "No, I know for sure they didn't have allllll of these items."  Then, she would patiently explain where they could be found and yes, they were there.  

The brands on the store shelves were different.  The packaging was different.  The names of items were different.  I would buy canned Hunt's diced tomatoes just because I knew what they were!!!!  :)

For a fairly non-adventurous person, it even surprises me (now that I think back) three years into this marriage thing, that I am happily married to someone in a different culture than mine halfway across the world from everything that was familiar.  

But I know why I did it.  Because it was God's perfect plan for me.

^^ crazy, wind-blown, holiday hair but deeply happy

I can only give praise to God for how He has helped me.  I have learned so much.  If you could hear me say it in person, it would sound like this:  I have learned sooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!  I have learned about forgiveness and mercy, happiness and contenment, trust and FULL assurance in God's love for me. 

This week, we left our baby on the farm with my MIL and nipped to the big city for our monthly shopping trip.  Now, sans responsibility, I zipped around the city by myself checking out places I've been wanting to for ages.  I felt like I had conquered the world.  

Every time I leave here and go away on holiday, my heart becomes more knit with my life here.  Let me say, I've never once dreaded the plane ride home.  When that plane lands, my heart surges with joy to be home.  Leon and I are so grateful to raise our baby girl here.  The people have endeared themselves to me.  The healthy, simple way of living filled with hard works gives me pleasure as I drop into bed each night. 

So those of you still wondering how I'm doing, let me say this:  I am fine.  And I really hope to give you a peek into my life through this little blog so that you can see that life here is good.  It is really, really good.


Rachel Custer said...

I love reading your blog and getting little glimpses of how you are adjusting. :) Having lived in Botswana for a couple of years, and then being newly married myself, I can only imagine some of the adjustments YOU have gone through in combining those two things! I love seeing pictures of your little house and hearing stories about how things are in Zambia. Praise the Lord for how HE perfectly puts people together! :)

Heather said...

This is very inspiring, Rebecca. I'm so thankful you are content in your home in Africa. What a learning curve you talk about! Fun to read about it all for sure :)

Sharon Leslie said...

Please do give us a peak every now and then. ;-) Love reading your posts for interest's sake and also to hear of your journey of personal & spiritual growth. They are a real encouragement.