Saturday, January 30, 2016

|| old fashioned food ||

It humours me (read:  it is ironic, once again!) how an opinion from the past is absolutely changed with life experience.  (insert: big, cheesy, knowing I-told-you-so grin)

Hands down, my least favorite meals as a kid are now my go-to meals now that I am a wife and mother.  They are:  beef or chicken stew, stuffed bell peppers, beef or chicken roast, and the crown -- broda (a family meal that we have dubbed "German").  

Beef stew was just - yuck - in my opinion as a kid.  Beef or chicken roast was -- boring.  Broda was -- really??!!  And I have a funny memory about stuffed bell peppers.  My Mom had planned that as a meal one night after candy selling.  But then my Dad rescued us all and said, "Let's go out!" This happened two or three nights in a row.  And I specifically remember one of my brothers (who shall remain nameless) being exceptionally relieved that we weren't required to eat stuffed bell peppers.  

Fast forward to the present and this is how it goes.  Someone's coming for dinner? Roast.  Thursday night after church? Stew.  Too many peppers in the garden?  Stuffed bell peppers it is.

And now, Leon's newest favorite is broda which my parents introduced to him on our holiday.  At first, I was super reluctant because for some strange reason, it was my most loathed meal as a child.  I have no idea why because my adult taste buds LOVE it!!!  And so does my time schedule!  It is such an easy throw together, pop in the oven dinner.

Broda is a chicken cut up, 1 cup of uncooked rice, potatoes peeled and sliced in half, carrots peeled and left whole, chicken broth to cover, salt, pepper, and bay leaf for seasoning and the secret is half cup of ketchup mixed with half cup of water poured over the top.  Cover and bake.  I taught our cook how to make it and she loves it, too, because of its convenience.  

I had to document the first time I made broda on the farm for my parents.  For me, I felt as if I had reached true "wife/mom" status with that dish.  :)  I'm glad broda will live on in our family and hope that Liesl likes it, too!


Nina said...

This was such a fun post to read, Becca!! :)

content2be said...

Cracking up because I am the same way now as well! With the exception of whole stewed tomatoes in my chili; that still makes me shudder. Just wait--it won't be long until Leisl starts protesting!

Heather said...

That is too funny and very true about cooking what you hated as a kid. These photos are great!