Tuesday, February 2, 2016

|| endless gifts 686-700 ||

When times are tough, it is so easy to look at the hard things.  Times are tough, people.  Blogs aren't typically for spilling secrets and moaning.   Who wants to read that?  But these are tough times for farmers in this country.  Circumstances absolutely beyond our control seem to dictate our life.  Life gets hard.  Marriage is stressful because we're all under pressure.  

But this is the beauty.  To see God in the everyday.  To see His "good and perfect gifts" despite the trials.  Because, I believe and know that He never ceases to be good.  Not ever.  Even in the difficult times.

I need to get back to journaling my gifts and being reminded of the good things in each day.

686. fresh flowers from the garden.
687. a piano (such an unexpected blessing at the beginning of our marriage)
688. a friend who is an encourager.
689. uninterrupted power for days (no 8 hour a day power cuts!!  we don't know how long this will last but it's great for now!!)

690.  this precious girl in all her mischievousness is absolutely the light of our lives and brings us tons of joy.
691. health (seeing maimed and disabled people here is much more the norm than in the States and it is heart-breaking at times)
692.  rain (praying for more but thankful for every little drop we receive)
693. anticipation of seeing family in just a few weeks
694. the Father molding us into better Christians (proves He loves us and we are His children!!)
695. the beautiful stars (I have already become accustomed to seeing the stars at night here. God's stunning handiwork.)
696. books that friends drop off for Liesl (such a treasure here since there's no public library)
697. our marriage (eish, I love that man.)
698. our new-to-us dryer (we needed a new dryer.  never prayed about one.  didn't have plans to buy one in the future.  then, a leaving missionary family asked if we would like to purchase theirs.  wow.  just when we needed it most.)
699. plums and peaches in the store. (different fruit other than market apples and bananas)
700. new workers in my Sunday school class (our church is growing. expanding. such a delight.)


Nina said...

yes...it's a wonderful idea to count our "gifts" from above! beautiful to read! looking forward to spending time with you soon! :)

Heather said...

Love your list and, that girl... gorgeous!