Friday, January 8, 2016

|| a new school year ||

For us, we have just begun our new school year.  I actually enjoy how the school year is played out here.  A new term begins in January which is a new year with new goals for everyone.  Last year because of planned holidays, we did school around the holidays.  In the past, I have been guilty of scheduling in lots of holidays before even knowing what the year would bring.  This is a huge mistake with our farming life!!  We "go to school allllll yearrrrrrr lonngggg" but with lots of breaks in between -- holidays, sick days, Lusaka days, beading days, birthday days (sometimes!).  There are too many times school is shortened or cancelled so we just plan to do school each day and break when needed.

My mom gave me this hanging chart for Christmas way back when I student taught.  I've never really found a place for it but refused to part with it.  I finally am using it this year!!  It hangs on the door of the office and I was able to use several cute things that my Mom has sent to me for school.   

In our little homeschool, it seems as if motivational ideas get lost in the shuffle of every day living.  So our two motivational plans for the year are in the hanging chart -- easy to see and not forget.  

Also, I have painted a piece for a small chalkboard on the wall.  We've had a small, easel chalkboard but that is cumbersome to use in a small office.  This is already working out great!

It's funny (ironic!) how time changes a persons opinions.  Way back in my "very wise and super educated" college days, I was so sure I wanted to homeschool my children if there ever was an opportunity.  I still do!  But my, how the reality of homeschooling has settled into my heart since homeschooling my two nieces.  Wow.  It is a huge responsibility!!

I think homeschooling gets such a bad reputation because parents have this idea of "Oh! We're going to homeschool.  Get some books.  Fill them in.  What's the big deal?"   When in reality, it is such an enormous, (to me) overwhelming responsibility that is not taken lightly at all.  I'm glad to have the opportunity to see this for myself from personal experience before schooling Liesl.  

On the other hand, I am so excited to begin homeschooling her with a nursery curriculum next year!!!  It is exciting and thrilling.  Yet SO very humbling.  

Any additional thoughts on homeschooling?  Some people are so against the practice.  Others completely for it.  Some are caught in the middle.  


Joy D said...

Since you asked... :) I know you did Christian school (as did I) and I have always preferred that option IF there is a good, trustworthy school available. Kids benefit from having teachers other than their mom. A lot of homeschooled kids that I know personally have problems taking instruction or correction from an authority other than their parents. It's also common for parents to be a little more blind to their children's character flaws or educational gaps. Having an outside source interacting with your kid can help a lot. It's also hard on moms to have to be both mother and teacher - in your case it's a great arrangement! All that not to say that homeschool is bad, though. In some cases it's the only option and the outcome just depends on how well it's administered. I know ordinary moms with absolutely zero qualifications (past high school) turn out perfectly educated, well-balanced kids. Having that sense of heavy responsibility is what makes it a success. To me, neither option is good or bad - which you choose just depends on circumstances.
That's just my 27yr old opinion for what it's worth, anyway! By the way (as if this isn't long enough already), I've wanted to comment before but had some difficulty so let me just add that I still love reading your blog. I keep up on it and have really liked that you're posting more often! I've been administering an ACE school in the Philippines since April so I started a blog for friends and family to keep up on my adventure. I just wanted to tell you that reading your blog was an inspiration for mine and helped mold some of my writing/posting style. Thanks!
~Joy Dunbar

Rebecca said...

It's so nice to hear from you, Joy!! I've often wondered what you are up to. I'd love to stay up with your blog.

I believe what you said is the key to homeschooling...."...depends on how well it is administered." In layman's terms: discipline -- primarily with the mother to stick by the stuff. :)

Take care!

Joy D said...

Exactly! Discipline is one of the big things I learned from student teaching at Fairhaven and I saw for myself that it worked.

As for me...I came to the Philippines last April for a one year mission trip to start a Christian school for missionary friends here. We are ACE so I loved seeing those PACEs in this post! My blog has all of my adventures and I post a post on Instagram, too. Do you? Because I would definitely follow that, too! I'm always slightly jealous of your African life :)

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