Tuesday, November 25, 2014

|| on being a mother ||

Motherhood has surprised me.  I was grossly unprepared for the middle of the night feedings, not knowing what to do with a crying, sometimes screaming, baby, and the hormonal ROLLER COASTER.  Wow oh wow.  

My brothers and I are within three years of each other so I have literally one memory of anything baby-related in our house.  Also, I am not a "baby" person.  Yes, I love to hold and cuddle babies but once they begin fussing, I quickly detract from all responsibility in their regards.

I never really entertained thoughts of motherhood especially before marriage.  Once Leon and I met, I knew we would want children (duh!) but I was too focused on marriage to think about the soft, fuzzy feelings of motherhood.  

Now I am a mother.  It sounds strange to type that even today, three months into this journey.  Now someone looks to me with the same importance that I have always reserved for one person, my mother.

The joy that this child has brought to our little home is beyond compare.  She is one loved child, let me tell you.  She is kissed, adored, cuddled, spoiled (eek! trying to reign that in), sung to, and entertained. She is one lump of kissable sugar....chubby cheeks and all.  

I am so thankful for the blessing of being a MOTHER.  :)

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Nina said...

aww, I enjoyed reading your post, Becca. So real...so sweet :)

You're going to be a wonderful Mom! Thinking of you today... Can't wait to meet your little bundle of cuteness! The pictures your Mom shows me are so adorable :)