Monday, December 1, 2014

|| pruning ||

A friend here owns a nursery.  It has been her hobby and now turned into a lovely, thriving business.  On my veranda is a cute topiary plant that needs trimmed OFTEN.  My friend has said the more I trim the plant, the fuller it will be.  The more I trim the plant, the more flowers it will produce.  Esta has said that many people feel afraid to truly prune plants properly (p-p-p!!)  She doesn't understand why that is when through the pruning, the plant emerges more beautifully.

I often think of that correlation with my spiritual life.  How often is God trying to prune me, trying to make me a better person and I fight the pruning.  I KNOW I fight the pruning.  I fight often.  Who likes to be pruned?  Ouch.  

Just like those beautiful roses above emerge from a harsh pruning, so my life would be more beautiful if I would allow the Master Gardener to prune what is necessary.

I have been going through a season of harsh pruning.  I seem to be hitting a wall in my personal and spiritual life.  But there is no escaping the pruning.  I know I am God's child because "Whom The Lord loveth he correcteth...." [Proverbs 3:12].  My prayer is that I will bend to the pruning and emerge more beautiful for the Saviour's glory.

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