Tuesday, June 24, 2014

peanut butter

Here, it is common for ladies to make their own peanut butter. I don't relish the taste of our local peanut butter. I prefer imported! The nuts used in local peanut butter is groundnuts. 

Anyways, our cook (who is super industrious) has begun making peanut butter to sell to our family's restaurant.

First, the nuts are roasted in the oven (mmmm...smells delicious).

Then, Eunice takes handfuls of nuts and rubs them together to remove the skin.

Next, she takes the bowl outside and tosses the peanuts in the dish. I would say this is similar to separating the wheat from the chaff. :) 

Lastly, the nuts are put into the blender and blended until smooth. This renders the most delightful smell in the main kitchen similar to that of a Reese's PB cup factory (not that I've ever visited such a factory but one can imagine...).

And that is how she makes......

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