Thursday, July 3, 2014

preparing a field

I have learned a lot about farming in the past year of marriage (obvious understatement). One of the most surprising things for this suburban girl to accept was that fires are normal. Fires are dangerous. Fires aren't always necessary or welcome but they are normal. And sometimes, fires are absolutely needed.

To prepare a field, Leon has to burn it to clear the rubbish grass. Then, it is disc-ed (via tractor and disc-er). Finally, the field can be planted.

We aren't crop farmers. But each year, Leon has to plant rye grass which is our winter grazing grass for the cows. Barner grass is also planted in January for baling in April/May.

Fires are also used to make fire breaks to protect the grazing for the herd. Last year, one of our employees was burned quite badly making a fire break on a windy day. Often, locals will burn fields to chase the rats so they can eat. Disgusting, I know, but that is their reality here. We make fire breaks to protect against these types of fires on our back property.

A few weeks ago, Leon was preparing his last field for planting. I captured a few snapshots because the burning process can be just SO pretty especially in the afternoon light.

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Sarah Janowski said...

I especially like the 1st picture. It looks like it could be a painting. Great photography!