Monday, June 9, 2014


(three of the seven of us)

I don't share much of my every day life here and today was too nice of a day not to share.

First of all, the nieces and I are on a one-week break from school. Secondly, we had beading this morning. One of our friends sells jewelry at craft fairs. We get together and make things and it helps her out. Plus, we ladies get fellowship and a nice day together. If it's a holiday or a reason to celebrate, we will have a nice big breakfast before beading that the men come to as well. Then we get busy. 

I'm not the crafty/beady type. I normally come for a few hours to chat, have some coffee, and try to make one thing. In an unusual turn of events, inspiration struck this morning and I got busy beading. I think one of the biggest hindrances I find is that I don't know all of the tricky techniques that make beading so spectacular. I'm limited to just stringing beads on one single strand which is a bit redundant.

(half of my contributions for the day)

Today was such a lovely day. There was lots of laughter and chatter in English and Afrikaans. 

We are entering winter here and it can be quite chilly. Soon, we will have a fire blazing in the fireplace on beading mornings.


Salome Joy said...

This looks like soo much fun! I'd love to be part of a party like this:-)

Heather said...

Ha ha, love how you describe your non-crafty self :) Also love looking into your life. I can't believe it's becoming chilly winter for you. It's so interesting to us and I'll be picking your brain as we study Africa this year!