Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Mother's Bible

this picture was taken by my Mom on her recent trip is an absolutely stunning picture!

I came across this song in the hymnal today. 

My Mother's Bible

There's a dear and precious Book, 
Tho' it's worn and faded now,
Which recalls those happy days of long ago;
When I stood at Mother's knee,
With her hand upon my brow,
And I heard her voice in gentle tones and low.

Blessed Book,
Precious Book, 
On thy dear old tear-stained leaves I love to look;
Thou art sweeter day by day,
As I walk the narrow way
That leads at last to that bright Home above.

This is just the first verse and chorus.  This hymn is thought-provoking especially as I am halfway through my pregnancy and soon will become a mother.  

I can most certainly say that my Mother's Bible is well-worn.  What a testimony!  

I have thought to myself:  what do I want my children to remember me by?  Sitting on my ipad/computer endlessly or reading my Bible?  The habit of being in the Word outside of devotional time begins long before the first child is born. 

My heart's desire is that I will love the Word in the same old-fashioned way that many of us remember our mothers and grandmothers living. 

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