Thursday, February 20, 2014

typical new parents post

And so there's our little babe.  Our first picture!  To say we are in love is the understatement of the year.

I had an appointment at a hospital this week.  The whole experience was fantastic.  Look, I'm delivering this baby in a third world country.  The first hospital I visited almost four weeks ago now was...not such a nice experience.  I've had very few episodes of heaving "I-live-in-Africa-and-I-miss-home" tears but after leaving that first hospital, those tears revealed themselves.  

I was a bit stunned at the state of the beds and how "un-hospital" it was.  Everything was clean, though.  I'm sure the doctors there are nice and I've heard they have the best scan equipment!  After all, the doctors are American. :)  I just couldn't do the hospital.

Cue this other hospital.  Obviously, it's about 500 times smaller than a typical capital city hospital but it is a proper hospital.  Proper beds, proper cafeteria, proper rooms, the whole bit.  

Everything is paid for in cash here.  We've already paid for all the prenatal visits, scans, and tests as well as the delivery which brought the grand total to less than $2,000.  I know. So affordable.

My prayer requests mean so much more here without the safety net of a first-world country.  Here they are:  that the baby is healthy and I don't have to leave the country for complications, that the delivery goes smoothly, that I won't worry about things I can't control :) (like pre-eclampsia and whatever else could possibly go wrong).

So that's the baby update.  The scan reported the baby is 14 weeks tomorrow but the doctor still put my due date down as August 16th.  So sometime in August the wait will be over!


Jolene Sloan said...

Congratulations!!! Going from two to three is going to change you in ways you never imagined... and it is wonderful!!! :-)

Liv said...

It seems like it's been awhile since I've read your blog! You were just getting married last time I checked and how delighted am I to come back and see that you are expecting!! What a blessing! Looking forward to reason more of our adventures from Zambia!

Heather said...

So very thrilled for both of you! I can't imagine your first hospital visit. Must have been nerve-wracking. However, God knew you'd be right where you are, having your baby! He'll take care of you. Enjoy the months ahead.