Thursday, February 13, 2014

the newest babies

My sister-in-law got two new Boerboel puppies!  I am so jealous.  :)  I am not really a dog person but living here it is absolutely necessary to have dogs.  These two beauties are going to grow up to be nice guard dogs.

They have stayed on the farm since she got them and will be going to her place very soon.  This morning, I looked out our front doors and there they were, sitting in the orchard.  They had crawled through the fence where they're staying.  It wasn't hard to get them to trot over.  

They found my citronella candles quite amusing.  It was adorable to see the one carrying it around in its mouth.

We will miss having them here!  Can't wait to get my own someday.


Heather said...

So cute!
Why is it necessary for you to have dogs where you live?
Have a good day :)

Rebecca said...

Heather, It's an absolute necessity because of safety. :)