Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I'm taking a class called "Second Language Acquisition Methodology." 

I love it!!!

Guess what?  I have two languages to learn in my future.  Two. 

From a girl who only speaks one....it sounds // it seems daunting.

One of the best parts about taking this class is that my language helper will be a girl from the church in Kabwe so I get to learn Bemba!  Basically, the language helper is one who speaks another language [but not a European dialect] and we practice the techniques we've learned in class on the language helper.

How amazing // awesome // wonderful is it that I get to learn from Brenda who speaks Bemba?  Priceless.

This course equips me with the tools // teaches me how to learn a second language.  It is positiviely fascinating.  I cannot wait to start learning Afrikaans!

I thought my school + book-learning days were finished.  I was so incredibly wrong and couldn't be enjoying it more. 

Now, ask me if I"m still loving Afrikaans after I hit that proverbial "wall" in a few months.  :)



Anonymous said...

I loved that class! It is so fun learning the different sounds! I still use what I learned to day in teaching and speaking Spanish.

Jolene said...

You're going to do great, Rebecca!!!

Liv said...

Ah, the thought of learning a new language seems daunting! But how cool to know two new languages! Praying you will learn quickly! Also, wanted to let you know that I mentioned your blog in my latest post as one of my favorites[http://oliviacoy.blogspot.com/2013/01/friday-favorites.html]

Your sweet spirit radiates through your blog and I always leave here feeling encouraged. Happy weekend. =)

Nina said...

You can do it, Rebecca!! How neat! :)