Monday, January 21, 2013

::my wedding board::

I was playing Words with Friends with a friend and she asked if I was pinning like crazy on Pinterest.

My shocking answer -- "no!" <----- I know.  What is wrong with me?! :)

This wedding planning is so much fun.  More fun than I dreamed, that's for sure.  My reason for not pinning like crazy on Pinterest  is because I have an actual, physical board in my bedroom where I have pinned all my ideas.

Thirteen weeks from tomorrow is when Leon flies in to Chicago and that is when all wedding preparation+planning will be done.  <------  And that is when the real fun begins!

On the plane flight home in December, I listed all the weeks [1-17] from when I left Kabwe until Leon flies into Chicago with a main "to-do" for each week.  There's been a lot of chicken scratch + re-arranging on that sheet but I'm pretty much on target.

Any time April 23rd feels "so far away", I remind myself that when I see Leon next, it will be for life.  [confetti!!!!]



Sarah Covey said...

So happy for you Becca!!

Liv said...

Reading your blog just makes me happy. So excited for you. Praying for your wedding planning that it goes smoothly and continues to be enjoyable!

Susan said...

My son just got married, and his words when he saw his girl for the first time after he got out there for the wedding: together again, this time for forever! You reminded me of him and his excitement! :)

Camille said...

I'm here from Heather's place (This Journey...where you were featured today). It's lovely to *meet* you. I've chosen to comment on a *random* post since I have been hopping around to get to know you a little bit. Congratulations on nearly a whole year of marriage! The Lord is Good. Enjoy each day. Blessings to you! Camille