Wednesday, July 6, 2011

::handmade craft exchange::

I participated in a craft exchange!  Yay for stepping outside of boundaries and comfort zones!

My Handmade Craft Exchange partner was Jamie from the C.R.A.F.T. blog [Creating Really Awesome [mostly] Free Things].

She was such a sweetie and sent this adorable framed print.

Isn't that just perfect?!!!

In my sewing room/spare bedroom, we have a huge cutting mat.  It's awesome-sauce for cutting out fabric.

And I think my little print looks wonderful perched in the corner.

I sent her three of my pretty pins.  I received a new shipment of material literally the day before I sent out her package.  I hope she loves them. :)

IN OTHER NEWS, I had a wonderful 4th of July holiday.  My Opa and Oma came down for a few days.  It's been exactly one year since our trip to Europe together and we were reliving the memories.  Last year at this time, we were in Finland.

TOMORROW, will be one year since we were in Sweden [dum du-dum-dum-dum!!!!!].  I'm really missing Sweden.

I'm working like a crazy person [full-time sitter + sewing], spending time with my fantastic friends and literally just soaking in summer.  It's been great.


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