Thursday, July 28, 2011

::Inspiration Workshop::

HEY! I'm linking up with Gussy again!

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

This week's prompt is THE BEACH.  I don't go to the beach on a regular basis although I live about a mile from Lake Michigan.  However, I have many fond memories of the beach.

Every year for our family vacation when I was a kid, we would visit my Granny and Paw Paw in Mobile, Alabama.  [Sweet Home, Alabama....I miss you Dixieland!!!]  Every year, we would make a trek at least once, sometimes twice to the Pensacola Beach.  My Dad would drive and drive and drive until he could find an empty spot on the beach and we would hop out of the car and run.  [Well, I guess we would have had to help carry the beach towels and coolers but we did make a beeline!]

I'm thinking in this picture, I'm about 7 years old, David is 6, and Geoff is 4.  And by looking at the picture, I don't think we've been there for long because none of us are wet, except for the fact that we're sitting in water.

This is one of the my favorite photos of my brothers and I.  It embodies summer and a carefree day under the sun at the beach.



Jessica said...

I love this picture! I am always trying to catch moments like this with my boys - so cool.

Dear Abbi said...

Aww, what a cute picture! At first I thought it was a pic of the kids you nanny.

And yes, a lot of people say that the baby looks like Joey! He must have our "classic baby look" to him because people have been saying that about Gracie since she was born too!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful beach!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful picture!

Alyssa H said...

I love this picture!! So cute!

Anonymous said...

I could have sworn that was Catie in that picture:)

Maggie said...

That picture is SO cute! Sweet memories for you all I'm sure :)