Tuesday, August 2, 2016

|| Mom ||

Someone just had a birthday!!  My heart was breaking last night because I wasn't there to celebrate with the most special Mother on Earth for her big milestone birthday.  So, I planned to write a little post to honor her.

One of the best things about my Mom's influence in my life right now is how strong she is.  Not once does she ever whine or make me feel guilty that I live on the other side of the world.  Sure, there's times that she says, "Wish I could be there with you." But, she has been nothing but supportive of my life here.  She loves her son-in-law and loves visiting here!  One of the things I determined years ago was that I must have my parents' 100% support in whoever I married.  I got that and it has completely paid off.  I cannot praise God enough for my Mom's encouragement in my life.

I also praise the Lord for her health.   It is a miracle straight from Heaven above that Mom is here to reach her 60th birthday.  Even though we may be 20 hours in a plane away from each other, she is just a phone call away.  On the morning I gave birth to Jules, she was the first one (and only - ha!) I called and said, "Mom?!"  After "Hello" (she might not have even said that!), her words were, "Are you going to the hospital?" :)  I know I can call her day or night if there's an emergency.  How blessed am I.  I have dear friends that I grew up with that lost their mother to cancer.  They can't call her.  It breaks my heart to think of them.  

So, Mom, 11 weeks from today, we will be waiting at the airport with bells on our feet!!  We can't wait to see you and Dad and for you to meet your third grandchild.  Thank you for your love that only a mother can give and I came to more fully appreciate only after I became a mother.  Mwah!!  Love you!


Diane Gaus said...

To my darling daughter,
Just as we could never look at each other when there was something extremely funny happening (and could not quit laughing), we feed on each other's strength also. I'm amazed at how strong you are, and the adjustments that you have made there in Zambia. So grateful and thankful that the Lord answered prayer by healing me, and extended my life to see my children grow up, marry, and now begin their families. God is so very, very good and merciful to me.
Love Always,

Linda Coslet said...

Sweet post Becca! Your mom IS one special lady!! When I grow up, I want to be just like her:)