Wednesday, August 17, 2016

|| double the blessings ||

I'm typing this at 3:54 am.  :) :)  But really, what a blessing that I've only had to get up once in the night now three days in a row!!!  Wooooohoooooo!  Also, we are on limited internet usage for the rest of the month so now is about the only time I can update quickly in peace until the weekend.

Having two children is: amazing, fun, stressful, hectic, tearful, busy, sweet, grand, fantastic, and busy!  But my goodness, it really is double the blessing.  

Often, mothers of one child will worry before the pregnancy of the second that she will not love the second as much as the first.  A friend gave me such beautiful encouragement before I was pregnant with Jules.  She said, "With each child, it is as if God puts an individual mansion of love in your heart.  Each one has it's own special place of love."  I thought that was such a beautiful illustration and I never worried if I would love my second as much as the first born.

It is true that it is double the blessings but my goodness, my attention is divided.  Woooooooow.  I cannot multi-task!  Yesterday while feeding Jules, Liesl was quietly into all sorts of things.  The other day, she found the dry erase markers to one of her birthday gifts.  It was completely my mistake for leaving them "hidden" in the box yet accessible to her in her bedroom. Well, after I finished getting ready for the day, there was a beautiful masterpiece on her white bedroom wall.  Luckily, dry erase marker comes out very easily.  

I count it such a privilege to be a mother.  It is a responsibility that weighs heavily on my heart.  I feel ill-equipped to guide these precious souls through their childhood years and point them to their Saviour.  

I'm so thankful for the promises in the Bible.  Promises for wisdom when needed (James 1:5), safety through the night (Psalm 4:8), and constancy of the Living Word (Isaiah 55:11).  These are such precious promises I cling to. 

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