Thursday, April 9, 2015

|| a hike ||

Leon has told me of a hike that he's done several times. It is a huge flight of stairs up a hill with a cell tower at the top. I've wanted to do this hike for some time now and was finally invited to tag along with another family. 

It was a great workout (reminded me of Mt. Tom!!). 

The photos I got at first looked like this.....

...pretty but restricted by power lines and the like. Plus, we disturbed the habitation of about one thousand lady bugs. I know I live in Africa but I still am not acclimated to a hoard of flying ladybugs in my personal space.

So I went back down the stairs a few meters to sit in P & Q. That would be: peace and quiet. 

Then I snapped a few photos that looked like this:

Who said it isn't beautiful here?!?!?

It is gorgeous. When I look at the view, I am amazed at how undeveloped so much of the land is. 

I enjoyed the hike so much that I want to start taking my nieces there on a weekly hike. To drive to the place and back plus the hike is about an hour round trip. 

It was so nice to find a new place to explore and appreciate the beauty of this country.

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