Tuesday, April 7, 2015

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This picture is called: Look At Those Tired Eyes
Also: Zippers Are My Favorite

You know that Awww moment when you're a Mom. That "Awww....my baby is sleeping so peacefully, I just want to cuddle her" MOMENT. Yes, I have those. 

Well, last night that moment was cured. Right before we went to bed, Liesl stirred. And sat up in her cot. Then pulled herself up to peer at us over the top. She knew she had us. We're such pushovers. 

So I picked her up for a little night-night cuddle. It was so precious. 

Then, about an hour later, after.....

...fan on
...fan off
...mosquito net on
....mosquito net off
....sleeping on the couch
...mama sleeping on the floor (just sleep, child, please sleep)

....we were FINALLY back in our beds. Exhausted. I have learned my lesson. 

Now before you think every night is like this, I can assure you, it is not.

This is our fancy bedtime Pinterest-worthy, best-post-I've-ever-read-gotta-pin-it-now routine. Are you ready??


Bath. (We play with the duckies.)
Bottle. (We guzzle.)
Bed. (We say our night-night verse which is Psalms 4:8, pray, rub belly and kisses, and light off.)

Honestly, though, motherhood is so fun. And oh well, if we mess up the routine every once in a while for a late night cuddle. I can't believe our baby is 8 months already. Soon, she won't want to cuddle. She won't peer over her cot, her big eyes imploring us to pick her up. Her dreams will be too interesting. She won't want to disturb them. She'll be a big girl. 

We are so blessed to have this child in our lives. I cannot tell you how often Leon and I look at each other in amazement that This Child Is Ours!!

God is so good to us. :)

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