Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Adventure in the bush

One of the fun things we did with my family was a rhino walk. My brother had gone to see a rhino in '09 but this seemed a bit different from his experience.

First of all, we missed the caption on the side of the safari truck. This was going to be a WALK. We were told it was a small walk to see this animal. Cue: unprepared.

We picked up another tourist. She was in full safari gear. She must have been thinking, "These people are such tourists." And to think that two of us are from Zambia!

When we got to the drop-off point, we had to sign a waiver form. At that moment, we were informed that this was a two-hour walking safari through the bush!

After a slight protest that we weren't equipped due to misinformation, the kind driver drove us around the park. 

We saw beautiful animals.

It was definitely a memorable experience on a gorgeous day.

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