Saturday, June 9, 2012


I haven't been doing Multitude Mondays recently. Oh, you hadn't noticed?! :)

Right now [and always], I have so much to be grateful for.  This 1,000 gifts list started by Ann has changed me and how I view life....gratefulness for even the smallest things and realizing they come from the hand of a loving Heavenly Father.

But, you see, sometimes, it seems too personal to publish to the entire world wide web what I'm grateful for each week.  I must admit that I don't write everything down in my gratitude journal like I'd prefer.  But looking back upon each week, it seems mundane and definitely repetitive to record publicly what I'm thankful for.

How could I ever take for granted my Mom's health or the safety He has granted our family.  Delicious food every single day.  Blessings and abundance beyond measure.  The opportunity to serve in our local church.  Health, life, breath.  Happiness.  New opportunities. Answered prayer.  Friends.  Beauty in the mundane.  Pretty birds and flowers.  Blue skies.  Rain and snow.  Sunshine.  This is what I'm thankful for every single week.  And I'll never get tired of thanking the Heavenly Father for every single bit.  But for now, I may not share my 1,000 gifts list.

I'm sure you won't miss that Monday feature but I will miss posting it regularly like I used to.

Have a happy Sunday, everyone!


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