Wednesday, January 11, 2012

::ten on ten::

I have been wanting to participate in Ten on Ten for quite a while. It finally worked out!

Here we go!

::good morning, beautiful day::coffee in my new favorite mug::

::sunshine through the trees::airport trip::

::Coca Cola on the way home::reviving a vase of cheerful daisies::

::cute little dress for a friend's baby::dark chocolate Hershey's::

::home from work::lovely candle::

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{Amy} said...

great pictures, looks like a good day.

alita jewel said...

Oh! Love the mug, the flare, and the candle. I was sooooo close to purchasing the very same one. It smells so good!

Maggie said...

I have already used my mug too, love it!

p.s. My family loved the popcorn! It wasn't stale, yay!