Wednesday, May 4, 2011

::pretty paper::

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Here are some pretty papers that I have pinned to a board in Pinterest.

Check it out here.

I have such a fascination with fabric and paper.

I found the neatest website today.  It's called Not on the High Street.  I think it is similar to Etsy but it's in the UK.  The two sellers I have stumbled upon have the prettiest things.  The prettiest things ever.

The first shop is by Clare Nicolson.
The second shop is Rachel Taylor Designs.

Go feast your eyes!


livinginthe1940s said...

Feast my eyes -- I'm going! I love pretty paper and fabric, too! (In fact, I have my own stash of is as well! We should compare sometime...) Have a blessed day!

Farming On Faith said...

Good Morning~
Love the list!
Have a great day!