Sunday, May 8, 2011

endless gifts {546-560}

[waving] Hi, everyone! I'm feeling particularly chatty right now. It's Sunday night [late] and it has been a good day.  I'm actually getting my Monday post up about 45 minutes before Monday even starts [hooray for me!].  There has not been much content on this blog but that doesn't mean that I've been sitting on my hands.  I have one project that just won't let me finish.  Hopefully, it's done this week. [cross my fingers]  This is going to be a fantastic week.  I just know it!!

546. freshly plowed fields
547. Sunday morning drives
548. music to listen to on those Sunday morning drives [three cheers for a CD player in the new van!]
549. chats with friends Sunday night after church
550. the ability to exercise
551. lunch with a friend
552. flowers, flowers everywhere!
553. buds on trees and the promise that spring is here... it really is here
554. anticipation of a new project
555. sewing
556. that my Mom is still here for another Mother's Day -- I am beyond humbled that the Lord has so graciously given her health for us to love on her for another year.  Some dear friends have lost their mother -- the Lord has taken her home -- and my heart hurt for them on Mother's Day.
557. some of the preschoolers in our class could actually remember some of the 10 Commandments -- mon.u.mental.
558. a friend who will pray with me.
559. how the Holy Spirit convicted me through the Word on Sunday at church
560. missionaries :)

Happy Monday and happy new week!


Jolene said...

LOVE #560! {smile}

*Hugs* to you today, friend!

livinginthe1940s said...

I appreciated #559. If we don't have Pray the Holy Spirit's Power on our Preacher, and Pray for our hearts to be Pricked, then we won't have that convicting Power during the Preaching. Amen!!!

ERICA said...

Hey Rebecca! I'm so glad to hear you've been doing good! And I am VERY glad to hear about the new riders on y'alls bus Sunday! It surely was a blessing to us!!
And by the way, I love numbers...546, 548, 552, 556, 557, 558...definitely...559, and 560...just about all of them pretty much! :)
Have a good week!!!