Monday, February 21, 2011

endless gifts {471-480}

God was so unbelievably gracious to me last week. The word that was in my mind was lovingkindness.  He provided for me and blessed me in ways that were special to me.

471. His lovingkindness
472. His provision
473. working out my schedule on Friday
474. helping me get through Pachabel's Canon on my cello [woohoo!]
475. the Holy Spirit starting to work in my heart to prepare me for....
476. ...Sunday night's sermon [which I needed]

gifts that I tweeted about...all with the hashtag #1000gifts
477. Friends that answer their phones
478. A wonderful, productive, encouraging day
479. In a "ridiculously, good mood" on Valentine's day.  Here are my exact words..."Epic...especially since I'm single.  God is so good to me!" #1000gifts
480. 42 degrees and melting snow

Happy Monday, folks...


Jenni said...

Becca ~ You did a wonderful job on the cello Friday night. Mary's wedding was gorgeous, and you had a wonderful part in it. Take care of yourself this week, and keep the post coming please. They are such an encouragement :)

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

I love that word... lovingkindness. It warms my heart! Wonderful list. Wonderful blessings.