Tuesday, February 8, 2011

endless gifts {451-460}

[I didn't do a gratitude post on Monday like I have been doing. And it showed. Today. Grrrr...]

451. my Mother [and her endless patience]
452. another break from cleaning [thank you for the snow]
453. new attachments for my sewing machine
454. another finished apron [not perfect but I got it done]
455. a sale in my shop
456. mercy and forgiveness
457. [earthly friends may prove untrue, doubts and fears assail, One still loves and cares for you, One Who never fails....] JESUS NEVER FAILS, Jesus never fails, Heav'n and earth may pass away but Jesus never fails.
458. almost done with my quilt [squeal]
459. grace
460. continuing to learn and grow as a person

1 comment:

Anna said...

A lack of thankfulness does show verrry quickly, doesn't it? Enjoyed your gratitude list, as always. :)