Monday, August 7, 2017

|| observations ||

about the only "American" picture I have on my computer

Our time in the States far surpassed our expectations, per usual.  My #1 highlight was being with family.  What a treasured time!

I wrote down a few observations that made me laugh.

1) So many people wear FitBits!!  I don't notice things on people usually.  But that did get my attention.  
2) What is the hype about cold brew coffee??? Is it that good?  Simply a trend? It was everywhere.  And not just iced coffee but cold brew(ed) coffee.  I didn't try it but if it really is that good, I'll look into it and try some here.  Tell me what I should know!!
3) It is so easy to make and/or save money!!!  Right towards the end of our trip, I noticed the outside of the Huggies box said "download our app".  So I did.  Aaaaand all along, I could have been racking up points towards a free gift card for all those diapers I bought while I was in the States!!  Wow!  Wondering if I could somehow convince our store here to convert my receipt to dollars and I could still earn....haha - probably not.

Then on the reverse...coming back home:

1) I was glad when I pulled into the gas station for the first time back home.  (sigh) Full service here (aaaaaah!!) :)
2) My sister-in-law lives on a very busy main street in the capitol city.  The first morning back, a marching band went parading down the road.  All kinds of fuzzy feelings went through me - what a cute, little welcome home; nice, upbeat music, etc...Until at the very end of the very peppy little band, there was a car blaring African music.  (sigh)
2) We did a scavenger hunt the other night with friends and family.  One of the items was a K5 fuel slip.  Forgot that we don't pay by credit card here.  We also don't get a receipt here when paying cash for fuel unless we ask.  Then, there's no such thing as only filling up with K5.  So we filled up with K25 and still got a receipt for K5. Whew.
3) My maids. Aaaaaaaaaaaahh.  Welcome home.  Sounds spoiled but ya know, one MUST take full advantage of the very FEW advantages we have here.  I missed my girls and they missed me.  Got a hug from all of them. Aww!
4) We are back to terrible internet. (eye roll)

And yes, it is good to be home.  For the first time on a holiday, I didn't "miss" home, per se.  But I knew I'd be absolutely fine once I arrived on the farm.  And I was.  It's really good to be home.

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