Monday, May 29, 2017

|| nervous excited nerves ||

Nervous. Excited. Nervous. Excited.  Excited.

 YÁLL. We are less than 20 days away from leaving for the States. I have a list to finish...getting Sunday school things organized and packing my bags to carry on the plane are the biggest "things"to do.

So many questions race through my mind. I'm starting to dream about different aspects of the next few weeks.  Did I get Jules'passport stamped?  Do I have a consent letter from Leon?  How (in the world) am I going to keep 2 kids entertained for 15 hours???? Please, please, please don't sleep through your alarm in Dubai on Friday morning.

So much to look forward to: hugging my parents, shopping, hugging familiar faces at my church, DROPPING MY KIDS OFF IN A NURSERY AND ENJOYING A CHURCH SERVICE, going up to MI for a day, hugging my Oma and aunt and hopefully some great-Aunts, Amish country, real good burgers, deep dish pizza, Chipotle, shopping, the public library, the zoo, the park, ice cream cones, hugging my nephews, my sisters-in-law, my brothers, did I fail to mention, shopping!!!

Things I know I'll miss:  the casualness of life here, the absence of sugar in everything.  That's about all I can think I'll miss at this point.

I've already started doing online shopping and taking advantage of Memorial Day sales.  There's NO WAY, I'm dragging two kids around shopping every single day.  I got away with it last time because Liesl was only 11 months.  Not a chance that's happening this time.  I think I'll have to sneak in and out during nap times and early bed times.

I am so excited about our trip, I wish you could touch the screen and feel it.  But, the reality of it is also not too far behind.  Strange how one changes in four years.  This "farmer's wife life"has become my new normal.  It's my new reality.  I'm not a missionary straddling two cultures (or trying to, at least).  This IS my kids'culture.  This is my new adopted culture and it's changed me.  Some things ( a whole lot of things) for the good.  I'm so grateful.  Some things....meh...not so thrilled about the changes. So, as excited as I am and will remain, I do have one foot solidly planted in reality.  This is just a visit.  I'm coming back home at the end of July.

But while I'm there.......oooooooooooh yes, I will be soaking in every single second with nary a backward glance.

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