Tuesday, November 15, 2016

|| give us this day ||

One of the most humbling things about living here is the stark contrast of my family's life against the backdrop of the lives of many of those around us especially in regards to hunger.  

Each Sunday, about 100 boys and girls are in my Sunday school class and most of them are hungry.  There's no government hand outs Monday to Friday the entire year round for breakfast and lunch.  Their food for the day is just a pot of nshima. relish (cooked cabbage and tomato or another vegetable that is comparable), and maybe a bit of protein (eggs, beans, fish, or chicken) on a good day.  

I'm telling a real cute story in Sunday school that walks us through the Lord's Prayer.  It is one of my favourites to tell.  This last week, I taught the part of the prayer that says, "Give us this day our daily bread."  It is a bit saddening to know that some of these kids literally don't have enough to eat.  Not all of the kids are starving per se, just a handful come from absolutely destitute families.  But according to our first world standards, 90% of them are hungry.  

As I think of raising our kids here, I definitely want to teach them compassion to other children.  It's not a child's fault that they come from a home where the money is wasted on beer.  Or maybe there's just not a job available for the adults in the home.  What an EASY way to show Christ's love in sharing a bit of our abundance to those who are more destitute than us.

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