Friday, November 13, 2015

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I am so glad that the youth group I was a part of in high school did lots of outdoor things!  Sidenote:  smart leaders, considering teenagers are very loud.  Hence, I love bonfires.  There is something incredibly quaint about a silly, little bonfire but it is simple. 

Here we live in a climate that is accomodating to bonfires nine months out of the year and I still hadn't had a bonfire yet on the farm!  I've had big, grand plans of doing a dinner and marshmallow roast way out in the fields....under the night.  Reality:  I'd probably pick the wrong spot and burn down all the good grass.  Anyways, I'd have to snatch three workers to help me and that ain't gonna happen (let's be real!).  

Finally, I put my foot down and said to myself:  I'm building a bonfire.  Tonight.  In our garden.  

There's a small grove of fruit trees and one of the trees had to be dug out a few months back.  There was the perfect little hole.  I threw some wood in, doused the surrounding area in water, and tried my hand at starting a fire for a little date night.  

Leon came to my resuce and made a nice, roaring blaze and now we have the perfect pit.  

Since then, we've invited friends over for a simple meal and roasted marshmallows.  Amazing how the simple things in life are so pleasurable!

trim.460CB4A4-F1B8-4F01-BEAB-A44485481C1A from Rebecca Staal on Vimeo.

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Heather said...

How fun! And look at that baby girl! Sooo big! I bet you don't like to hear that :) Gorgeous.